How to store personal items in a share desk model?

When switching to the shared desk model, the question arises at some point: Where do you actually put your personal items? We have been dealing with this specific question for several years and can also assist you at short notice.

Desk organizer: Standard or custom-made

We offer two routes for you:

  • Standard Desk Organizer: We have “standardized” and proofen designs which are ready for you to order. There are currently three standard designs that appeared in 80% of our projects. Perfectly adapted to a locker and to the needs of the employees. If stock is available, an order – even in larger quantities – is possible within 2-3 working days. To the standard organizer >>
  • Custom-Made: If you would like a completely individual organizer with your company logo, this is the right choice. Here you can customize the felt color, construction, handles and anything else you can imagine. We will advise you on your compilation.


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Standard Sortiment:



We currently offer two procurement strategies for our range. Depending on your preference, you can choose between the following:

Made in Europe

Due to the high demand for a sustainable and transparent production chain, we offer you 100% production in Europe. The felt from Europe is an exclusive special mixture and was specially developed for our company.

  • Very flexible
  • short delivery time
  • High degree of refinement possible (embroidery, transfer/digital printing, flags, etc.)
  • 100% felt own mixture for Classic Slash Hamburg

Made in China 

For those companies that pay particular attention to costs, we also offer procurement from China. The felt is characterized by various certifications (CE, ROHS, REACH) and is made from 87% recycled material.

  • Certified R-PET felt
  • Attractive price/performance ratio for both small and large quantities


Clean desk organizer

Personal items and utensils that are needed in everyday office life can now be stowed away practically and clearly.

With the help of the Clean Desk Organizer, e.g. drinking bottles, mobile phones and notebooks, but also mouse, laptops and keyboards can be arranged clearly. This is particularly practical at the end of the day when the workplace needs to be cleared, but also for meetings in between.

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We have already been able to implement several projects and have tried and tested designs available for you. In the last two years we have been able to develop customized and individual organizers with many customers.

Be it as a locker organizer in the context of new working environments or simply as a “goodie” for employees in the home office, there are enough possible uses for the Clean Desk Organizer.

Succesfull Implementations
Desk Sharing Tasche
Desk Sharing Tasche
Desk Sharing Tasche
Desk Sharing Tasche
Desk Sharing Tasche
Desk Sharing Tasche
Clean Desk Organizer
Clean Desk Organizer
Desk Sharing Tasche

Clean Desk Policy – What is it anyway?

The Clean Desk Policy is a concept that focuses on the “tidy workplace”. Not only should the workplace be freed from work equipment such as keyboard, mouse, documents and personal items, but it also serves to protect confidential information and thus protects customers, reputation and employees.

In order to implement such a concept, various tools are required. It must be ensured that employees can stow their work equipment in a locker/cabinet. At the same time, however, the employees need a bag, a box or something similar to do this. Clean Desk Organizers are ideal for this. They are designed in such a way that they can accommodate the most important work equipment. In this way, the mouse, keyboard and personal documents can be conveniently transported.

How to create the best office organizer for your new office concept?

Since we accompany many well-known companies in the conversion process, we can recommend some strategies for the conversion:

  • Introduce different organizers: Employees/colleagues often want to choose between different organizational systems. Most of them differ essentially in their structure.
  • Focus group test: It is advisable to carry out a test in a small group beforehand. As a manufacturer, we have developed our standard range for this purpose. This range covers around 80% of typical customer requests: A keyboard should fit in, or a laptop, for example. There are also differences in the way the office organizer is carried: be it with simple handles or, if necessary, with a shoulder strap.
  • Learning phase: In this phase, feedback on the office organizer is collected. This usually takes 3-4 weeks.
  • Creation of a more optimized design: A more optimized design is then developed. Here it can occur that the structure will be changed. However, it can also happen that more than one size will become relevant.
  • Launch of the new organizer: In this phase, the new organizer is made available to another group before the “new tool” is rolled out.

In this way, your (critical) colleagues/employees are taken along on the journey. This development process takes about 2 months. We support you in finding the right approach and work with you to incorporate the feedback from your colleagues/employees.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

If you have any further questions on these topics, do not hesitate to write to us:

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  • Net price list / terms of payment
  • Discounts / minimum order quantities (custom-made starting from 500 pieces)
  • Shipping costs/duration
  • Customization process …

….or contact me personally. Contact details can be found on the right.


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