Successful implementation of clean desk projects

For both small and large companies we have successfully implemented Clean Desk projects. Here is a small excerpt from some reference projects.

In total, we have successfully implemented over 100 projects.


Schwäbisch Hall

Situation description:

The Schwäbisch Hall company will gradually switch to “Hot Desking” over the next few years and would like to develop and introduce the right “Hot Desk bag” for the employees in this context.


Complexity in the selection of the containers: An internal survey was started, but the employees did not agree on which desk organizer could fit best. There are several requirement profiles that are to be served, so that a consensus had to be found quickly.


In a controlled test, project teams were defined that will work with different containers. In the first step there were two Clean Desk Organizers to consider: a standard organizer from our range and a bespoke model. The teams are currently still being tested and as soon as a result is known, the design will be fixed.

Techniker Krankenkasse

Situation description:

The Techniker health insurance company will completely convert the so-called “agile work” within the next 3-5 years. Locker cupboards and office organizers are required for this at various locations in Germany.


The real challenge in the project is the fragmentation of the locations and the correct assessment of the required quantities. In principle, it is a purely logistical challenge, since large quantities have to be taken into account.

The organizer that has been released here is an organizer developed by TK itself, which fits perfectly in the new office cabinets of the employees.


Since the required quantities are not easy to predict, we are relying on increased stocks to cover possible peaks in demand.

The first cupboards will be delivered in the first quarter of 2022 and the organizers should be integrated within these cupboards in order to reduce possible logistics costs.

1/3 of the requirement has already been produced and delivered by us. We are currently replenishing further stocks in order to have a lead of at least 1-2 quarters.

Euler Hermes

Situation description:

Euler Hermes has a new office building in Hamburg, which was built right next to the old one. At the opening of the new office building and the associated new office concept, all employees were to receive a Clean Desk Organizer as an incentive.


To develop a bespoke desk organizer within a very tight timeframe to be available at launch.


Despite some delays due to the coordination of the design and construction, we were able to deliver the first large batch shortly before the opening.

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