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Classic Slash Organizers are portable office organizers that allow you to work flexibly in your new work environment.

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Desk Sharing Tasche

Are you switching to “desk sharing”?

The Clean Desk Policy is a concept that focuses on a “tidy workplace”. The workplace should be freed from work equipment such as keyboard, mouse, documents and personal items. This new way of working protects confidential information and thus protects your customer, your reputation and your own employees.

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Clean Desk Organizer - Enabler for hot desk implementations

A new office concept requires innovative and smart tools in order to achieve the optimal degree of implementation and acceptance by employees.

An important thing is how your employees can store their personal belongings in the new office environment. It is crucial that the bag fits into your new concept and design and will help your employees navigate through the new way of working.

Introducing our Clean Desk Organizers:

Desk Sharing Tasche
Desk Sharing Tasche
Desk Sharing Tasche
Clean Desk Organizer
Desk Sharing Tasche
Clean Desk Organizer


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